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Are You an VIP with VIP?

What's the first VIP stands for? 

Very Important Person. You knew that, didn't you?

How about the second VIP? 

Here's a hint: The legal term for all this stuff is intellectual property: books, CD/DVDs, newsletter, ezines and blogs, podcasts, webinars, social networking... any way you can share your expertise, demonstrate your talent.

Today this stuff goes by the name of Information Products, or infoproducts, for short, of course...

And of course, any infoproducts produced and distributed by an infoProfessionals are by their very nature, you guessed it! Valuable InfoProducts, or VIP, for short!

So a VIP with VIP is a Very Important Person with Valuable Information Products.

I like the sound of that. How about you?

As a VIP with VIP you go by many names: an expert in your field, an information entrepreneur or infopreneur. How about these new fangled ones like globalpreneur, solopreneur, boomerPreneur. While I'm always open to new and improved possibilities, the one I like best so far, my favorite is to call you an information Professional, or InfoPro, for short. Notice the emphasis is on Professional and you're going to leverage your information, the knowledge, wisdom and experience you've assimilated and applied over the years, okay, yes, your expertise.

In today's world, you can even interact with those who are interested and transform lives of those who accept your offer to contribute to uplifting the quality of their businesses and their lives, even when you're not physically present or doing a live,presentation.

Next question: Are you or would you like to become a VIP wtih VIP who works with an IMP, an InfoMarketing Professional?

"Depends on what I get and what I've got to give to get it." That's what I'll bet you're thinking!

Now that you know what a VIP with VIP is, let's explore the benefits and rewards, the investments and opportunity costs, what it takes to get started and affirm that I have whatever it takes.

What are the benefits?

What's it take to get started?

Do I have what it takes?

To become an expert in my field?

Wondering if you're an expert in your field?


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