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How's Your Practice?

Are you seeing as many people as you need to generate enough income to support you and the practice?

Is it running smoothly?

If you were to double the size of your practice next week, would you be ready to take exceptional care of the people who come?

Do you have the space, equipment, tools and supplies, the people, the policies and procedures to embrace your success with open arms?

If so, great. Let's get start spreading the news you're ready.

If you imagine some kinks in the system that might delay, detour or worse, derail anyone's experience to something less than desired, might you want to set things straight before you stand on your platform and announce to your world you're ready to serve more of them?

Good idea!

Do you know how your ideal practice would run? If so, great, start making the changes. (after you establish your criteria for success and establish a baseline of where you are now so you can tell if what you're going to be doing is achieving the desired results.


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