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Local? Global? Online?

Whether you're doing business in your neighborhood, in one or many cities, states, countries or continents...
Regardless of how big your playing field Is, YOU need a strong web presence!

If your business is local, are you wondering…

• Do people use a search engine like Google more than they use the Yellow Pages to find a local business or service provider?

• Do my prospects research my business online before they call or come in?

• Am I loosing business to my local competitors who are marketing online?

• Can I have a web presence without a website?

If you’re playing on a larger field, are you wondering…

• Are there things I can do so people can find my business online among the millions of websites?

• Can having an online community, a shopping cart, a web site make that big an impact on my business?

• Are there ways I can interact with my prospects and customers so I can better serve and delight them?

• Do raving fans and strategic business alliances offer to share their online communities to help me grow my business?

The answer to all these questions is YES!

If you’re ready to make it easy for your prospects and customers to find you online,
then it’s time to discover how to get found online in your neighborhood.

Getting found online in your neighborhood is more important than ever before

In this day and age, when someone needs to find a local product or service, they're much more inclined to find the local business online rather than referring to the local telephone directory. If you do business locally, will your website be found online? The web has come to your neighborhood, and local search is leveling the playing field.

According to an August, 2006 survey conducted by the Neilson Group, 70% of people searching the Internet were looking for local businesses.

If your prospects can’t find you online in your own neighborhood, you're missing the opportunity to serve more people and you're letting thousands of dollars slip through your fingers.

The great news … many successful strategies won't cost you a dime!

And they work even if you have a virtual business!

Do you want to know how to drive more local traffic to your website?

"Does my company really need a website?"

In most cases, the answer is yes. For most consumers, the World Wide Web has already become the resource of choice over the Yellow Pages. In addition to a business' name, address and phone number and whatever information some business owners decide to put in a display ad, consumers can now learn so much more about businesses that offer what they want or need. 

But what purpose would my website really serve?
This is a question that needs to be answered by each and every business or individual looking for a web presence. Many make the mistake of posting a site just to say they have one. More often than not, these sites are little more than a hastily put together extension of a business card.

The goal of any website is to attract visitors. Any website can do that to some degree but what type of visitors a site attracts and how often they come back is key. For some, a website can serve as an informational medium similar to a printed brochure. For others, a website may sell products & services or allow users to interact with each other and exchange information on a regular basis.

Our developers can help you determine what design and functionality suits your business best. We encourage our developers to form relationships with each and every client and explore the goals and aspirations of the business as a whole to gain a unique understanding of the individual requirements that need to be met. Your website can be more than just a website. It can be a valuable gateway to increased sales, highly satisfied clients and an efficient information exchange medium.

Having a website is only the beginning. You need a strong Internet presence to Take your message to your world!

What’s a TOMA Brand?

  • If you want to discover a new ways of marketing and selling that are based on trust and respect?

  • If you’re turned off by almost all approaches to marketing and sales you experience as a business owner, professional and consumer…

  • If you don’t like the message or the way it’s delivered…

  • If you’re searching for new ways to find and communicate with people whom you’d like to serve, ones that make you and them feel good…

Then you’re in good company.

If you want your prospects to take your message to heart, then it’s time for you to discover how to communicate from your heart.

There are many different factors that go into Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO.  
If you want to be found online by more people in your target audience, then it’s time to Switch from SEO to SEM.

That’s “Search Engine Optimization” to “Search Engine Marketing.”

Search engine marketing requires an integrated approach to improving site content, quality and popularity. For a Web site to reach its top potential, it must incorporate target audience analysis, competitive analysis, cost per click optimization, and - last but not least - copywriting and copy editing.

An integrated approach to SEM anticipates that in future, best marketing efforts will aim to leverage the three components: all-sided site and content optimization, qualitative off-the-page factors enhancement, and paid advertising and analytics. (We focus on the first two.)

When all is said and done, it's the traffic you get and it's the way this traffic converts that matters - not your site rank on a search engine. You can rank worse than your competitor, yet the percentage of your visitors that turn into buyers will be so high that you actually outperform your competitor several times.

publicity => Prospects => profits

Start with free vehicles => put aside %$ to afford fee

Quarterly plan – Budget – marketing  - advertising & publicity
Local media and opportunities

Get Found Online by People Looking for YOU! 


“When people do a web search for a holistic chiropractor in town, I’m the first listing. And I’m ready to take my business to the next level. Bonnie’s helping us design and implement new marketing strategies to strengthen our presence on the web so we continue to get new traffic to our website... which means new people for us to serve and more money, too.”
--- Dr. Brian, Holistic Chiropractor, Melbourne, FL 





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