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Multiple Streams of Income?

What 's important about having multiple streams of income?

When you have only one source of income and something happens to that source, you no longer have any income.

If, on the other hand, you have multiple sources of income and one disappears, you can quickly and easily shift your attention to one or more of the other sources.

Sounds good to me. Tell me more.

There are two types of income:
  • Active ~ You have to do something to get this income. Examples: serve a client, sell products

  • Passive ~ Your income increases without your having to do anything. Examples: royalties from the sale of books, music, and now selling information on the Internet regardless of the form.

What are the benefits of selling information products on the Internet?
  • People can buy information products any time day or night, wherever you are, whatever you're doing.People can buy them day or night, wherever you are, whatever you're doing.

  • Properly positioned and promoted, Information Products increase your visibility and credibility. While a published book may be at the top of the list, any time you turn your knowledge, wisdom, and expertise into an information product whether physical or digital, you increase your position as an expert in your field. And people prefer to do business with experts.
  • Infoproducts have a high profit margins. While you can create some information products with no financial investment, others will cost money.
The good news is once you produce the original, and you set up the automated delivery system, selling all additional copies costs virtually nothing. That means all the money you make can first go to paying down your initial investment if you have any. Then the rest of the income is profit! How cool is that!

The world of digital information products and how they are created and marketed is relatively new, with new products, tools, technoligies being created almost every day.

So if you've been feel intimidated and overwhelmed, you're in good company. In fact, most Information Marketing Professionals choose to specialize in one form of information product or one way of marketing them, although they themselves use more than their specialty to increase their status as an expert in their field.

I suggest before you choose which types of information products you create and how you'll market them, you step back and get to know the lay of the land.

In other words, learn what all the new words and phrases mean ... like blog, podcast, webinar, Web 2.0, social networking ... the list goes on and on. And each new one is added to the already huge pile of relatively new tools, technologies and strategies like ezines, e-books, digital article marketing.

The other reason to step back before diving in is to discover the benefits, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and especially important, which ones fit into your marketing plan, and which to impliment in what order.

You could spend hours and hours and hours researching each possibility, or I could help. I could save you hours and hours.

I'm an Information Marketing Professoinal, an IMP, who helps professionals evaluate traditional and Internet-based products and marketing strategies. Then I'll help you sequence, create and market your Infoproducts so you become a VIP with VIP... a Very Important Person with Valuable Information Products.

Contact me today so I can join you on your journey to becoming known as a VIP with VIP!


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