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We're here to to empower you, the thought leader, to do what needs to be done so you get the perks of being known as an expert in your field: More time spent doing what you love, like serving clients, learning from, interacting and collaborating with peers, and making more money.

Ideal for individuals who want one-on-one attention so they can focus on their unique needs and move at their own pace. In addition, clients get assistance creating and perfecting marketing materials.

Imagine the transformative powers of coming together with like-minded people who are also experts in your field. Participate to lively discussions about industry trends, opportunities and threats. Collaborate and co-create with people who consider you an valuable resource, a strategic alliance partner, a trusted confidant, and more. Group size is small to create a tight community among peers.

A group is currently forming for attorneys who want to be collaborative council for their clients. Contact Bonnie if you'd like to join this mastermind group.

Our teleclasses are interactive, experiential and results-oriented telephone conference calls. I'm into educating, coaching, transforming rather than simply delivering non-stop information. You can get information in many places.

Every session includes presentation of information, discussions, coaching, and role playing. You'll get 'assigned' 
Success Action Steps, things to do between sessions, behaviors to practice, marketing tools and technologies to implement, tangible products to create ~ so you achieve the desired outcomes of the program.

Each will be recorded so if you miss a session, you can listen to it. You'll also get a workbook with places to take notes during each session, additional information, descriptions of all Success Action Steps (SAS) presented in class and supplimentary ones, places to record the work you do on these SAS, supporting resources, and more.

Marketing Success Camp is a unique combination of live, in-person and telephone-based events. The interactive, experiential, activity-based sessions are a powerful way to learn, choose, and change so you turn your dreams into reality.
The Marketing to YOUR World team can help you design and implement specific parts of your creative marketing, including website, graphics, production of Valuable Intellectual Property, social media marketing integration and automation, as well as your business development and management needs.
To learn more about any of these, call The Energizer Bonnie at 321-259-4404, or send her an email.
Click here to discover RESOURCES selected to help you succeed at becoming known as an authority in your niche.Marketing To YOUR World offers programs to empower professionals to take their message to their world.

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