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How can I tell everyone how wonderful Bonnie is?  To know her is to love her! I have had the pleasure of knowing Bonnie professionally for several years and recently she joined my team at TCyber and Space Coast Women to assist in the marketing and promotion of the companies that have very different needs. One is a website hosting and design company the other an online social group.

She increased the enrollment of the social network three times within weeks and worked with my project manager at TCyber at the same time to create an advertising and marketing plan thus showing her ability to be "The Energizer Bonnie" with her energy and vision in complex and diversified areas.

I totally recommend you utilize Bonnie if your company needs to acquire more clients, receive a better rate of return and increase income potential. She is educated and experienced in her profession and works endlessly to formulate an individual plan unique to each project.
--- Terrmi Mermis, President, TCyber, Inc. Melbourne, FL


You hear about a lot of "coaches" who claim they can help you grow your business.  But Bonnie is the real deal.  She understands the Internet and how business owners can tap into it to promote their expertise and services.  She always shows up with her "A" game.  I love her energy and passion.  Every time I need someone to help me quell my doubts and build up my confidence, or just kick me in the pants, she's there for me.  She's a fountain of great ideas and inspiration.

Thank You Bonnie.
--- Holly Buchanan - co-author of The Soccer Mom Myth: Today's Female Consumer:  Who She Really Is, Why She Really Buys.


I’m a true entrepreneur. When I hired Bonnie, I was working on four different products at the same time. The first thing Bonnie had me do was to prioritize the projects and choose one to start with. I’ve come to realize I’ll do a better job on all of them by doing one at a time.

My next challenge - to write things down. Until recently, I’d kept everything in my head… today’s to do list, my many projects, even my ‘business plan.’ Now am I overcoming a lifetime of resistance to putting things in on paper and I'm developing new habits. Bonnie’s helping me create systems and procedures that are customized to my style and preferences.
Knowing what I’m working on today, knowing it’s aligned with my vision and values is helping me stay focused. Doing things my way inspires me to follow up and follow through. My commitment to myself is helping me say ‘no’ to distractions which means more progress.

Thank you, Bonnie, for honoring and respecting me, and for helping me optimize my strengths, gifts and talents. I’m on my way and enjoying the journey! How cool is that! Thanks!
--- Rick H, a Recovering Entrepreneur, Brooksville, FL


Bonnie’s an expert at seeing the Big Picture ~ my vision, mission and purpose. After I told my story, she described it to me with such clarity I ended up with a better understanding of my own business.

Then she encouraged me to write down my newly clarified Big Picture ~ for me. I’ve been amazed how helpful it’s been. Having a clear vision helps me make decisions. Many times when I’ve been confused or overwhelmed, not knowing what to do next, I’ve use my Big Picture as my ‘true north.’ I focus on my vision, the fog lifts, the clouds part and what’s next becomes crystal clear."
--- Speed Ream, Software Engineer, Melbourne, FL


She’ll help you decide what work you want to do on your own and what to outsource to the experts. For example, if you’re not a techie she’ll suggest you let a pro design the look of your website, blog, newsletter or shopping cart as well as install, set up and integrate the software for those things.

And the good news is now when I do talk to the techies, I now speak their language. I’m comfortable speaking up and asking them to slow down and explain something differently. The results ~ I’m getting what I want with less frustration and less rework. Everyone’s happier, trust me!

And I’m amazed at what I’m doing on my own! Because I’m only working on one project at a time I’ve been willing to learn how to do things like editing my own copy, writing and posting to my blog, writing and sending out my own newsletters and such. If Bonnie can teach me how to do something on my own, she does. Otherwise she recommends great resources.
She’s a hands-on team player. Her feedback has been right on time and time again, saving me time, money, energy, you name it… She’s also a great editor and has wonderful design ideas.
--- Dr. Lynn Lawrence, Psychologist, Austin, TX


I had a website when I started working with Bonnie. When people do a web search for a holistic chiropractor in town, I’m the first listing. I’m ready to expand my business again. More and more new clients are finding us on the web.
Now Bonnie’s helping us design and implement new marketing strategies to strengthen our presence on the web and drive traffic to our website. More and more new clients are finding us on the web.”
--- Dr. Brian, Holistic Chiropractor, Melbourne, FL


Over the past few years, I have been interviewed on television and radio and have done numerous speaking events as well as workshops.  Although I have recordings and CDs of these events, it did not occur to me to utilize them in my marketing efforts.  WOW! What a completely different angle!  In as little as a 10 minute session, you were able to show me additional marketing ideas that I could implement very easily that would take me into the new Technological world and increase my business.  I can’t thank you enough.

I highly recommend your process to any company that is ready to take themselves seriously and become an Expert as opposed to just a Professional in their industry.
It was well worth the trip to hear and see you speak.  Thanks for picking me as your volunteer for your presentation.  Best 10 minutes of my life and my company!
--- Mary Ellen Troilo, President, Riverside Home Loans, Inc.


Bonnie is an amazing marketer.  Her ideas are new and cutting edge.  I never realized how much I could do with my materials--from taking an article and turning it into a newsletter, a CD interview, a typed transcript, a top 10 free report, an Internet bulletin board posting, etc. etc.  She has expanded my ideas about marketing tremendously--she is truly an out-of-the-box thinker with fresh, effective ideas.  Bonnie also helped me create a marketing plan that took my products to the next level.  She thinks BIG and, in turn, helped me become more creative and expansive in my marketing campaign.  Bonnie is a creative genius, and has an amazing wealth of knowledge and even greater ideas.  Any business person would be fortunate to work with Bonnie to truly take their message to the world."
--- Dr. Vicki P, psychologist, FL


After years in business, I’m finally building a solid foundation. I know who I am, what problems I help people solve, and how they benefit when they choose to do business with me.

Now I can craft my message to communicate with those I want to serve. I know how to turn my knowledge, wisdom, and expertise into information products and where to distribute them so my ideal clients get to know, like, and trust me. And when they're ready they know where to find me.

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