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What's Their Problem?

Once upon a time, when a member of a village had a problem, help was usually around the corner or somewhere in their neck of the woods. It just about didn't matter what their problem was. Someone nearby usually knew what to do, where to go, and who to ask for help. Sure, then, like now, when they had a choice, people preferred to do business with people they knew, liked and trusted. For a long time, your reputation was spread mostly by word-of-mouth and location, not competition, was the major factor in your success.

As populations grew, eventually there came to be a time when there were others in your village who could also solve the same problems you usually solved. Eventually, if you had something that you thought might help someone  and you believed in your heart of hearts they would benefit from your help, wouldn't you let them know? Wouldn't you want to give them the option of choosing to have you help if they knew you could?

So eventually if you wanted people to know you were still around and still wanting to serve them however you could best serve them, you had to invest time, money and energy into spreading the word about who you are and what you do so others could find you and choose to do business with you. I'm not sure exactly when we call that marketing and sales.

Today we live in a global village with a global marketplace. We are still neighbors helping neighbors, only now our neighbor might live around the corner or around the globe. And our new-fangled World Wide Web and its impact on how we do just about everything including marketing and sales. If you want to survive the competition, it's time to take your business and marketing to the next level.

The good news is there are now more and better options than ever before for others to find you, especially online.  
The challenge ~ while back then you might have been the only practitioner of your trade (if your trade existed back then)

If you can, why not offer especially if the person's an ideal match to who you'd like to work with? And isn't that who you're wanting to attract?

Often there was some sort of energy exchange from the person served to acknowledge and appreciate the contribution made.


Ah, today it's much the same only different.

People still buy because they want more pleasure or less pain.

The thing is their shopping habits are different. Where they shop and how, how they find what they want and make a final buying decision is basically the same as it once was only different.

The challenge is to leverage the sameness. Learn from the pros and systematize your business procedures, delegating and automating whereever possible.

The challenge is to leverage the difference.


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