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Who Are You? What's Your Big Picture?

Who are you? Answering that question is quite the challenge... to big for us to tackle right here... so if that's what grabs you, you can start exploring the answers to that question right now... Well, maybe not. There's something already on my plate that comes first. Check back later and when that's a link, you'll be able to get where it leads. For now, let's get clearer about your Big Pix, shall we?

Your Big Pix, or Big Picture, is the combination of your ideal you, your ideal business and your ideal life.

It's where you'd like to be someday while enjoying the present and the journey of making progress every day, heading in that direction.

When your you get to express your passion while doing what needs to be done next to accomplish your mission to turn your vision into a reality. What purpose do you serve and is all this aligned with your DPVs (D={Dreams, Desires, Destinations}; P=Profits 4 {people, planet, pocketbooks}, V={Vision, Values, Vibrations.}

When yours are aligned and match those of others in your world, you're in the flow, going with the river, enjoying the journey and those journeying with you.

Let's assume for a moment, that you're committed to doing what it takes to turn your dreams into reality, 'cause if you ain't leadin' the way, tain't noone gonna do it for ya, trust me."

What? Don't know where you are in the same terms you know where you're headed? We need to know where we're starting so we can tell if our efforts are moving us in the right direction. We could be rowing real hard... back to shore... when we want to go out to Sea, don't we?

So what's next? Now that you can clearly verbalize your passon, vision, mission and purpose, you're ready to identify the gaps between where you are and where you're headed...at least you've started working on that, haven't you... you can return to them as often as you need until it's easy to get that Big Pix of all those pictures in your head that inspire you over the bumps and past the bruises.

I'm getting ahead of myself again...

Back to the Big Pix. It needs to be huge enough that it will inspure you to do the hard stuff, the stuff you don't like to do or don't yet know how to do... know what I mean? I know you do 'cause you got yourself where you are today, and if you can do that, you can do this... you just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

That's where I come in... I can cheer you on to victory when defeat seems just around the corner. I can help you change directions before you step out over the edge... the thrill of walking the crest line is so much more life affirming than slip-slidin over the edge kicking and screaming all the way down.

I can help you draft, craft and implement your ideas for how you're going to get where you're going, also known as your business and marketing plans. And I can accompany you on the journey so you've got my chatter, cheering and commanding you whenever you need me to. Why go it alone? I'm so much fun to be with. And when I show up magic happens.

What are you going to do next? 
Got a plan you 're going to follow? How else would I know where I'm following you? How much is it going to cost, where's the money coming from, and what's my return on investment? Who else is going? What part do they play? What's our schedule? When's the big day and milestones along the way?

I'll bet you have some ideas and some answers... and sometimes you're sitting there scratching your  head saying, "That's a good question," wondering "What's a good answer?"

Unless you can pull a document off the shelf or print one lickety split, it's time to pull out whatever you've written and take 'er for another spin. It's all in your head? Now to worry, here's the best, quickest, fastest and cheapest way to get it from bouncing around the inside of your head like a pin ball and into an info product you'd be proud to ask someone to read.

Yes, you can do it. If I can be in process, having fun making progress, so can you...

Know what you're doing next? Write it down, call a friend and tell them or email me so I know. Being accountable to someone is valuable. Sometimes it's just the motivation to take that next step over there ~ You sure don't want to tell someone you didn't even start, do you?

So get going... now... thought I forgot? Not a chance... get working on that business and marketing plan. If you think you can succeed only working in your business, guess what? Guess again! Ain't gonne happen ~ not in the long run, trust me and Michael Gerber. He's the guy who wrote The E-myth Revisited" in which he says you've got to work in your business and on it to raise a healthy, happy, profitable business. So, we're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of business and marketing plans... Good luck!

And if you decide that's too big to tackle right now, please do remember to come back and dive in soon. For now, how about joining our community so we can keep you in the loop about what's going on around here, what we're doing that you might find interesting and helpful on your journey to success in business and in life, so you can access more free and valuable content, subscribe to our newsletter, and register for our programs. You could buy our products right now. Alas, I'm not that far along my own journey. Coming soon, so check back often...

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