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What's Your Passion?

Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
- Harold Whitman


Do you love what you do?
       Do you love whom you serve?
               Do you jump out of bed in the morning enthusiastic about the day ahead?

If you have a team, do they come to work every day ready, willing and excited about delighting your clients?

Do your customers have a smile on their face when they think about you and how you serve them? 
       Do they keep coming back for more? 
               Are they raving fans who tell others about you?            

Then you’ve infused your passion into your practice and how you do business. 
Passion is contagious You’ve shared your passion with those around you, so they’re passing it on.

All of that’s contributing to your successful practice. Good for you!

And you want to serve more people, right?

So here’s the big question:
Can you express your passion in a clear, concise and compelling message?

Why is this important?
The more clearly and concisely you articulate your passion, the easier it is for others to pass on. The more compelling and inspiring your message, the more your prospects will want to experience your passion in action.

So I've created a Success Activity to help you express your passion.


Success Activity: What's Your Passion?

Write a clear, concise and compelling statement that expresses what you’re passionate about and how your passion inspires you to delight those you serve.

Note: You may be surprised at how challenging you find this. Strange isn’t it… that you can live your passion yet it’s hard to put into words. That’s true for many of us.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Start by writing whatever comes to mind ~ words… phrases… sentences. Avoid editing what you’re writing for now. You might even want to start by writing by hand as this engages a different part of your brain.
  • After you’ve got your thoughts on paper, then you can type them into your computer and edit them.
  • If you articulate your thoughts better when you talk, record yourself talking about your passion. You can transcribe what you say and edit it later.
  • Ask those you work with and those you serve what they think your passion is.
  • If you have testimonials and letters of appreciation and gratitude from those you’ve served, read them. You may find they’ve articulated your passion for you.

Know that this is a process. While you may want to quickly and easily express your passion in words, you may discover that this is more challenging that you thought. Take as long as you need. You may even want to work on this for several days… Whatever it takes.

You’ll know when you’re done when you read it and you feel your passion come alive within you… when others hear it, they do, too… and it’s clear, concise and compelling enough for them to want to pass it on so you attract those new prospects you want to serve.

I recommend you frequently share your thoughts and feelings about your passion with others. My guess is while they'll find it inspiring to hear, you will, too. And post a copy of your passion in at least one significant place in your work space and your personal space. Being reminded of why you do what you do may be just what yo need to get you through a challenging moment or a tough time.

And I suggest you revisit your Passion statement on a regular basis... maybe once a month or once a quarter, at the very least once a year, like on your birthday or when you're setting your intentions, goals and resolutions for each new year. Both your innner and outer worlds can change, sometimes significantly, and these changes may impact how you want to share your passion, maybe even what you're most passionate about.

If you find you get stumped, I’d be honored to help.


Enthusiasm, if fueled by inspiration and perseverance, travels with passion and its destination is excellence.
- Napoleon Hill


What’s next?
Exploring how your passion expresses itself through your Vision, Mission and Purpose.

I encourage you to start this Success Activity before you go on to explore your Vision, Mission and Purpose as your passion is at their core. And if you find the process of expression your passion is taking some time, do let yourself move forward even as you continue to work on this activity.



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