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Who’s Your Audience?

There are about 6,700,000,000 people in the world. That’s six billion, seven hundred million … in the world.

There’s no way you could serve all of them.

The question you need to  answer is “Who’s in Your World?”
      Who are your ideal clients?
            The ones whom you love to work with…
                  The ones who love to work with you?

What problem do they have? What pain do they want to avoid? 
      How do you help them solve their problem? Avoid their pain?
            What makes them a perfect match for you and you for them?
                  Why would they be crazy to work with anyone else?
                        How do you let them know?

Why do you need to know the answers to these questions?

Why is it critical to know who’s in your world?

The more clearly you can describe your ideal clients, the better you can design your message to connect with them.

People want to know you care … about them.

Here’s your challenge…

If your message is to everyone, you’re not connecting with anyone.

If you address only one ideal client, how many others will you miss?

Here’s a exercise to get you started…


Success Activity: Who’s Your World?

Imagine you’re in a huge theater, a stadium, conference center, outdoor amphitheater ... whatever place is big enough to hold the thousands of people … people who are interested in what you do and what you have to say.

Imagine all these people like, respect and trust you. They’re there to honor and celebrate you because you uplifted the quality of their lives.

Some call this large group of people your target market. I like to think of them as your audience. A little more personal, don’t you think?

Imagine you’re standing on stage and everyone in your audience is on their feet applauding, hooting and hollering in acknowledgement of you because of the difference you’ve made to them.

Now imagine one by one each person comes up to you to thank you personally for what you’ve meant to them. Some shake your hand; some hug you. Each has something special to say to you. Listen carefully to their words. Breathe in their heart-felt message.

Spend as long as you need to savor this experience.

After the last person connects with you, once again your audience is on your feet celebrating you, the gift you’ve been for them.

Now take a few minutes to write down the messages they shared with you.

When you’re done, read over the messages.

I’ll bet you’ll discover almost everyone has one thing in common. Maybe it’s their profession or career, maybe it’s a role they play. Maybe it’s their problem or their pain. Maybe it’s what they’re seeking to be, do or have. What is it?

Remember earlier I said if you design one message to touch the hearts of everyone, you’ll probably not connect with anyone. On the other hand, target only one ideal client and you’ll miss connecting with so many others.

While they all have some one thing in common, imagine within your audience are several groups, maybe three to five … no more than seven, please. Let’s call these groups the communities within your audience.

Your next challenge is to identify these different communities and what's special about each.

Each community values you for something unique, a specific result, outcome or benefit the group experiences from working with you, or from absorbing a message you share in any format: text, audio or video whether in physical or digital form… in other words, your intellectual property, also known as your information products or infoproducts.

Reread the messages all these people shared with you and see if you can group them by what specific contribution you made, how specifically you changed their lives.

As you do this, you’ll discover the core message that will attract more ideal clients to each community.


I know this sounds simple… I can tell you from personal experience it’s quite the challenge. Yet identifying these communities is a critical step in filling your practice with your ideal clients, so hang in there.

And if you want help, contact me.

In the mean time, check out the next step, What's Their Problem?


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